Maybe One Day

maybe one day

When misfortune crashes down on someone’s life, numerous thoughts flood their mind. They may try to convince themselves that maybe one day, everything will improve. Maybe one day the catastrophe will cease. Maybe one day the world will stop appearing like it’s falling apart. Throughout Melissa Kantor’s new novel “Maybe One Day”, these gloomy thoughts are explored in immense detail. This story follows the friendship of the narrator, Zoe, with her best friend Olivia. Although these girls experience some issues at the start of the book, their strong friendship pushes them along. The lives of both young ladies are transformed when Olivia is diagnosed with leukemia. When Olivia begins cancer treatments everyone has high hopes for her recovery.  Zoe, who is especially positive and hopeful, goes to extremes to assist her best friend. However, as Olivia’s struggle between life and death intensifies, the harsh reality of her condition is revealed. As her cancer worsens, Olivia is clearly not the only one who feels as if she is falling to pieces.

In conclusion, Kantor displays an astonishing ability to capture the powerful emotions involved in friendship, teenage life, and sorrow. If you are willing to take an emotional but rewarding plunge into friendship and grief, this is a great book to consider.