Hostage Three by Nick Lake

Hostage 3

All Amy Fields expected on her summer vacation was to endure her family trip on a yacht with her father and her stepmother. At first, everything is normal, or at least as normal as the situation could be for a disconnected family attempting to get along during their vacation. However, when a group of Somali pirates takes over the yacht and holds Amy’s family and the crew members hostage, the family’s hope for serenity is replaced with the hope for survival. As if this is not hectic enough, Amy finds herself falling into a forbidden love with someone aboard the ship. Each day sends a new wave of confusion among the hostages. Despite this, Amy eventually finds that even when everything feels broken, you can eventually piece yourself back together again, no matter how difficult.

Both the excitement of the action and the depth of the emotion within Hostage Three were compelling aspects throughout the book. Moreover, the book is told from the perspective of seventeen-year-old Amy, which makes the book both easy to read and relatable for teenagers. I thought her language was somewhat repetitive at times, but this is a minor flaw for such an interesting book. I was drawn to Hostage Three after reading another novel by the same author, and I have to say, Nick Lake does not disappoint. Along with this book, I suggest checking out any of Lake’s work.

If you’re looking for a book with an engaging plotline or a story filled with emotion, this would be a great book for you to get your hands on.