Anatomy of a Misfit


In Anatomy of a Misfit by Andrea Portes, all Anika Dragomir wants is to keep her status as third most popular girl in school. To do this she must stay on the good side of her friend Becky Valhir who is the first most popular girl in school. Which means following Beckys lead and definitely not falling for Logan, a major nerd who over one summer turned hot. Anika falls for Logan more everyday and so her popularity drops through the eyes of Becky. Anikas personality drastically changes in a way she never imagined. Anika finds that it does not matter what others think about you as long as you are happy. She learns that if you love freely and unconditionally your status at school doesn’t matter. Portes portrays the hilarity and devastation of being a teenager perfectly. She explains dealing with dealing with sibling rivalry, crazy parents, (your friends’ and your own), true friendships, and sudden love. Recommended for fans of Eleanor and Park, and Looking for Alaska. This book will make you laugh, crave, and think.

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