Stitching Snow – A Twist on the Tale of Snow White


Planet Windsong is in jeopardy. Ever since the disappearance of Princess Snow, everything has spiraled into chaos. Violence erupts as the king and queen of Windsong order a war against the group of people who supposedly kidnapped their daughter. Unfortunately, the fighting shows no evidence of stopping quickly. Although many rumors concerning Princess Snow’s location float about, not a trace of her is found, and the war continues for years as the search for the princess persists. Meanwhile, on planet Thanda, a girl named Essie remains content helping and repairing the seven drones she created to help run Thanda’s mines. However, when Essie decides to help a man named Dane who crashes his ship nearby Essie’s residence, her contentment begins to fade. Dane ends up knowing more about her past than she realizes, and he ends up dragging two of them into the very midst of Windsong’s turmoil.

R.C. Lewis’s futuristic spin on the story of Snow White was definitely something I adored reading. The action is exciting, the plot twists are intriguing, and the references to the fairy tale of Snow White were fun to find. The story is also rather complex, which made stepping into the world of Stitching Snow that much more interesting. However, for the first several chapters, this complexity makes it difficult to absorb what is going on in the story. Although initially it does take a while to stitch together the information about the plot, the book is extremely fascinating from beginning to end, and the story sucked me in the further that I read.

This book is a great find for action, sci-fi, and fantasy readers. It has everything from romance, to drama, to adventure, and much, much more. Stitching Snow is a wonderfully written retelling, and a story that will stick with you long after you’ve finished.