Atlantia by Ally Condie

Atlantia by Ally Condie is set in the future where our air has become polluted and it has caused a new type of cancer. We, as a world, decided to send down our loved ones to an underwater city called Atlantia. The story centers around two sisters, Rio and Bay, who are deciding if they wish to stay Below in the ocean, or if they wish to go Above to dry land. Rio has always wanted to go Above, but one person must stay Below in each family and because their mother is dead only one sister may go up. Bay chooses to go up, abandoning Rio Below. Rio spends time trying to hide the fact that she is a siren and learning about her powers. But she also is trying to find out why her sister has left her, who killed her mother, why her Aunt Maire is helping her, and the general mystery of this city. Rio discovers that her entire society is a lie and that everything she has been told is not what she thought. Rio eventually goes up to the Above with the rest of the sirens because the people Above have decided to not send down food for the people Below. The sirens are supposed to convince the people to spare those of the Below, but instead they kill them all, except for Rio and her friend who knows of her condition, True. The two look for Rio’s sister and True’s friend Fen. In the end, Rio saves the Below and lives there with True who is now her boyfriend. She visits her sister and Bay’s boyfriend Fen whenever she can, but unfortunately they cannot live together. Fen is sick and needs the Above, and because Rio is a siren she cannot stay Above for long. But, the people are working together and the mysteries have been solved.
Atlantia was a really good book. The story was good and I have not read anything like this. It was a little hard to write a summary simply because so much happens in the book, but because of that there really is not a dull moment. The characters were all very nicely developed, I did not become too emotionally invested into them, but they were still good characters. There were not any specific quotes that stood out, but the writing was still decent. In general I think everything really worked in this book. All in all, Atlantia is a very good book and I would definitely recommend it. If you are interested in futuristic, non-stop book I would definitely suggest it.

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