Red Queen – The First Book of a Magical Trilogy

Red Queen

Mare Barrow only knows two types of people: Silver-bloods, those with supernatural powers who live like royalty, and Red-bloods, average people who slave over serving the Silvers. As a Red, Mare observes the Silvers with bitterness. While she must act as a thief in order to put food on her family’s table, the Silvers always have a full stomach. However, one day Mare discovers the unthinkable: she, a poor girl with Red blood, has a superhuman ability of her own. To rid people of suspicion, the king and queen give her a false identity and force her to marry one of their sons. Any mistake she makes could have her killed by the king instantly. In a palace filled with power-hungry Silvers, all Mare truly knows is that anyone could betray her at any moment.

The ideas presented in this novel are very original and refreshing. I absolutely loved the creativity, and I am sure everyone else will as well. The author, Victoria Aveyard, has a fantastic imagination, and the magical world that she creates is just as interesting as the strange characters that live within it. Surprising plot twists and killer suspense make it easy for a reader to feel glued to the story. Although many aspects of this book are heart-wrenchingly sad, I was really satisfied with the quality of the book, and I would gladly read it again.

Overall, Red Queen is great for those who are eager for a captivating and imaginative fantasy story. Plus, make sure to look out for the next two books of this trilogy!