Winterkill by Kate A. Boorman


The book, Winterkill by Kate A. Boorman, is set in a different society than the one we know today. This settlement is isolated in the far north and the people believe that they are the only humans left on the planet. Because of this the rules of the settlement are: Honesty, Bravery, and Discovery. The story centers on Emmeline who is stained, meaning her ancestor (her grandmother in this case), broke the laws of their community and became wayward. Throughout the novel, Emmeline constantly breaks settlement rules and eventually becomes wayward herself to discover what really happened to her grandmother and unravel the mystery of her town. With help from a few friends, her new love Kane, and her father she is able to overcome the Council, (rulers over the settlement) lead by Brother Stockham and reunite with the truth.

Winterkill was a fantastic book. The writing was good; I was really put into the setting and felt a part of the entire story. Whether the main character was running through the woods and my heart was pounding with hers, or if she was working her brain trying to think of an answer, my brain was right there with hers. This book kept me turning the page, I would definitely recommend it for anyone who likes mystery and something a little more intense. Something I thought that worked was how the author put pieces of French into the book because some of the characters speak it. I thought it was smart and because the character did not speak French that well, the reader gets to figure it out with her. The one thing I was disappointed about was a little at the ending. I really feel like there needed to be more of a closure point if this is just one book. If the author is intending to write a sequel, then she definitely did the right thing because the ending left me wanting more. In conclusion, Winterkill by Kate A. Boorman is a great book for anyone looking for fierce, page-turner.

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