Mosquitoland by David Arnold


Mosquitoland is a journey that you will really get invested in. This book follows the tale of Mary Iris Malone, but she is better known as Mim. Teenage Mim escaped from her new home, in Mississippi, away from her father and a stepmother who was suddenly thrown into her life.
David Arnold writes an adventurous, entertaining and enjoyable story of our heroine Mim, slowly making her way up the map to see her mother in Ohio. Using multiple modes of transportation, including one I would never suggest. She meets interesting people from many walks of life, and along the way she gains two trusty side kicks.
Read this book for the pure adventure of traveling with Mim. She will make you feel alive and crave a road trip with friends. Mim uncovers parts of herself never seen or felt before and so will you.

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