Bone Gap by Laura Ruby

BoneGapBone Gap by Laura Ruby captured my attention from the start. The story starts with Finn, a spacey high-school boy who is constantly picked on, and largely a topic of gossip in his small town, named Bone Gap. The chapters alternate between Finn and another key character, Rosa. Rosa is a beautiful young woman who mysteriously appears in Finn’s barn, then vanishes a couple months later. Finn is the only one who saw this happen, but whenever he explains what he saw, his portrayal lacks one huge clue.

Finn tries to rescue Rosa, and also struggles to rectify his relationship with his older brother. He longs to be accepted and understand he can’t see as clearly as others. The connections of the intertwined story-lines and characters’ viewpoints make it interesting to uncover the magical secrets kept by Finn, the bees, and the town. The novel explores the idea of what hides beyond the surface, fitting in, and relationships. This book is wonderfully written and very captivating!