People Kill People by Ellen Hopkins

The book People Kill People, by Ellen Hopkins, is extraordinarily written. The writing hits your emotions in all the right places, and it gives insight into many different people’s lives and their views on things such as gun laws and immigration rights. People Kill People tells the story of six different teenagers. They are all connected, in more ways than just firearms in the state of Arizona. One thing brings them together; the thought of using a gun on someone. Themselves, a stranger, the person they love most. There is a little voice in their heads, whispering, controlling, saying what if. Hopkins writes in an amazing style, each character getting a spotlight and summarizing it with poems after. She addresses the issues and lets you decide for yourself, whatever your opinion is. At the end of the story, someone shoots and someone dies. This is how the world goes. Read People Kill People to find out.
I would recommend this book to anyone who is politically active, and who wants to make a difference. Anyone on either side of the political spectrum. If you have lost a loved one to gun violence, read this book to know you are not alone. If you want to find out more about these issues, read this book. If you think any aspect of it is interesting, read this book because you will not be disappointed. People Kill People is the next big thing, and it will change hearts, minds, and lives.