You Must Not Miss by Katrina Leno

You Must Not Miss, by Katrina Leno, is a story about a girl who goes by Magpie, and her little touch of magic. She lives in a town called Farther, with her alcoholic mother. Her sister left her, her dad cheated on her mom, and her life was ruined at a party a few months back. Now all she has is a little yellow notebook that she writes in, dreaming of a world called Near. She wants to live in this world so badly that one day, it comes into existence. A place where she can go to be happy; to be alone. A place where she is in control, unlike her life. She learns the secrets of Near, and it becomes a part of her. But instead of thinking about the consequences, she starts using Near for her own benefit.
You Must Not Miss is a thrilling new novel about revenge, secret doorways, and fancy pens. It’s about fake appearances, swimming pools, and loneliness on a pool floatie. Leno writes a cautious tale about the dangers of control and power, and how people aren’t always how they seem.

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