Instructions for Dancing by Nicola Yoon

Author of The Sun is Also a Star and Everything Everything, Nicola Yoon, brings us another great love story called Instructions for Dancing. The main character, Evie catches her father cheating on her mother. Around the same time, a woman gives her a book that has the address of a dance studio written inside. She begins experiencing strange visions whenever she sees couples: she sees how their relationship stared and how it will eventually end. Feeling like her life is falling apart, she heads to the address written in the inside of the book, hoping that it will help resolve some of her problems. There, she meets X, another dancer, and they fall in love. After envisioning so many relationships end, Evie must decide if loving X is worth it. 

As all of Nicola Yoon’s books have been so far, this novel was very enjoyable. I thought Evie was a very relatable character. Yoon’s language was very descriptive and she made it easy for me to picture the setting and empathize with Evie’s feelings. Evie’s relationship visions were very fun and interesting to read.  

I would definitely recommend this book. It had an intriguing plot that kept me hooked. Romance fans would especially like this one. – Sophie Cornish

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