About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of high school students across Santa Cruz County who love to read and share our thoughts about books.

What do we do?

We review Young Adult Books. Not stuffy reviews by adults, but actual reviews by and for young adults.

We also follow book news, events and authors bringing to you the latest information on the fast pace Young Adult Book scene.

How do we do this?

Through a partnership with our local independent bookseller, Bookshop Santa Cruz and our High School Libraries, we are given access to pre-released books and opportunities to meet and interview young adult authors and all learn about all things book.

Meet Our Team

Jessica G.

Jessica is and always has been an avid reader and writer. She will devour just about any book she gets her hands on.

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Katelyn M.

Hi, I’m Katelyn.  I lam the youngest of three sisters and live with my mom in California.  I am a sophomore in high school and I love reading a lot of different types of books I also like hanging out at the beach and going to the movies with friends!

Ryan W.

Hi, I’m Ryan! I love reading and exploring new genres and books are my passion. I also love football, drama, track and swimming. I’m currently finishing my freshman year and looking forward to the next!

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Lydia B.

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Taylor D.

I’m a freshman in high school and love books!

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Meg H.

I am a 10th grade student who loves watersports and reading!

Chris O.

SCHS Junior who loves reading and tennis.

Benoit R.

13 years old, I snowboard, skateboard, climb & read.

Ella C.

16, book lover (of course) tea drinker. Interests: historical fiction, theater, politics.

Ivy K.

15 y/o, works at Logos Books & Records, Very involved in SCHS Theater program

Caleb J.

Jakeh Hall

YA enthusiast and Teacher Librarian at San Lorenzo Valley High School.

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Veronica Zaleha

Teacher Librarian at Santa Cruz High School

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How to Join

SLVSH students should contact Jakeh Hall. Santa Cruz High students should contact Veronica Zaleha. Students from Scotts Valley High should contact Melissa Walpole. Students from other schools in the Santa Cruz area should contact Kathy Ritchie, Bookshop Santa Cruz Schools Coordinator at schools@bookshopsantacruz.com.

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