Breakfast Served Anytime by Sarah Combs

BreakfastServedBreakfast Served Anytime captured my attention from the beginning. Combs’ writing style is unique; Through the characters’ inner and outer dialogue, and actions, we see that the events they witness or experience themselves do change their insight. The progression of the characters’ relationships and personalities is what was really intriguing and contributed the most to making this novel hard to put down.
This novel is written from the viewpoint of the main character, Gloria, or Glo for short. She is naturally curious, yet stubborn. Glo is accepted into Geek Camp, which proves to be the catalyst for making new friendships, and finding a great old restaurant that serves breakfast, anytime. X is her teacher at Geek Camp, and assigns the kids a project to tell why they love a novel of choice. Luckily, Glo has the perfect one. She is constantly followed by strange blue butterflies, and a not so far away college future. But she meets people who are all new in their thoughts and ambitions. Glo learns that opening her eyes further to see people beyond their surfaces will gain her valuable friendships and help her see the world anew. All around, this book was fantastic, and is definitely one of my new favorites.