The Haters by Jesse Andrews

There are a lot of haters in the world, most of them are middle schoolers or pretentious hipsters. Although that’s not quite true and is actually quite presumptuous, most people are haters. Some are just more openly critical than others. And Jazz kids are definitely the more open of haters. So what happens when you shove hundred of them into a competitive camp?

Apparently three of them will ditch it completely a go on tour because they are just that cool. And it’s these three haters that we’ll be reading about. So I basically have already stated the entire plot of this book in two sentences but I have more to say. Especially on the bulk of this book which is them in a car driving around avoiding the cops, eating nothing even remotely nutritious, experiment with all sorts of drugs and alcohol, discover themselves, have phone/technology withdrawals and attempt to get gigs at clubs and bars. Its hilarious, profane, realistic and utterly enchanting. Sadly, there isn’t much more that I say without divulging spoilers! There are just so many surprises on the road that it would be awful to even give one of them away.

On to the awesome and enigmatic characters. Beginning with the leader of the Ash Ramos Band/Meow Meow Kitty/Jennifer Lawrence’s Armpit/Cookie’s Gruesome Death/ Perfect Taste/Charlize and the Eds/The Haters, Wes. A boy known to be ever vigilant, responsible and an unapologetic hater. He is sort of the dad of the group since he is always concern with everyone’s safety, care and overall experience while on their whirlwind tour. He plays bass and doesn’t suck, but also isn’t that good. Then there is Corey, Wes’ right hand man and the percussionist of their band. He has a streak of picking fights and also for being kept on a leash by his protective parents so he’s the most excited about this little adventure. And Ash the girl who has her own pace and rhythm that’s mesmerizing even if it doesn’t fit the song. She’s a rebel and sees no issue with her decisions and crazy ideas that take Wes and Corey on this wild ride. Now, what’s most enthralling about these characters is watching them bounce off of each other and grow with each other over the course of this novel.Since no one comes out of this road trip the same. This road trip tries them, strains them and tests their new or well founded relationships. Both boys are vying for Ash while Ash wants none of that, she just wants to have fun. So we see how Wes and Corey compete for Ash and also how this new freedom either sends them overboard or makes them incredibly conscious of how impossible this situation is.

Overall this book was awesome. It was realistic, laugh out loud funny and incredible. Definitely a must read for any jazz band people especially those in high school who will be given an awesome new game idea and also understand way more of the jokes then I did. This book is also for everyone who read John Green’s Paper Towns and would like to read a similar story about teenagers going on a life changing road trip this is worth checking out. Thankfully this book didn’t end up breaking my heart like Me, Earl & The Dying Girl did so thank you Jesse Andrews for your mercy. Please continue writing your ever hilarious and captivating stories.