We CAN’T Keep Meeting Like THIS

by Rachel Lyn Solomon

“We CAN’T Keep Meeting Like THIS”by Rachel Lynn Solomon, is a comfort novel, an easy read that is perfect for a chilly day. Quinn, a high school graduate is a shy, sarcastic girl who decides she wants to differ from her family business of wedding planners and follow her own path, whatever that is. But when a familiar face, a man named Tarek, shows up as a caterer at one of the weddings her family planned, Quinn finds it difficult to resist her fascination with him, even though she wants to hate him. Quinn is just a girl who does not know how to leave her business without leaving her family; a girl who can’t help but fall for someone she wants to hate. 

One of Miss Solomon’s best writing traits is how she portrays the personality and emotion of her characters. Solomon did not only give her characters’ emotions but the reader as well. “We CAN’T Keep Meeting Like THIS” includes sexual, religious, and cultural diversity, which is admirable among authors. Overall, Solomon’s novel is a quick read, perfect for getting someone out of a reading slump. – Zoe Cloar

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