Of Princes and Promises by Sandhya Menon

I actually had trouble reading Of Princes and Promises simply because I was so hooked. I found myself skimming each page with clenched fingers and a pounding heart to make sure the protagonists got their happy ending and the last few chapters had me reading pages as fast as I possibly could. I loved how the story was surprisingly gripping and action-packed for a realistic romance novel (with a tiny bit of magic). 

That being said, I’m not sure I fully support the relationship between the two main protagonists, since it felt like a lot of their conflicts were resolved too quickly. To fall back on the expression “show not tell” for writing, at times it felt like the protagonists’ feelings were explained more than shown.

However, I still really enjoyed reading this book! The writing was engaging, with lots of relatable descriptions, and the characters were very well written. In addition, I love how the book promotes positive messages of self love, forgiveness, and making amends. And above all, I love the happy ending that left me feeling nourished after finishing the story. All in all I would definitely recommend it for people who like realistic fiction with a touch of high school drama. – Sophia Wright

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