OCD, The Dude, and Me by Lauren Roedy Vaughn

OCD the Dude

By Tenaya DeWitt

The reader is introduced to Danielle, the heroine of our thrilling tale, as she types out her frustration in an effort to avoid an OCD induced panic attack. Her mother had completely disorganized her library, which she had spent all summer carefully arranging on the floor of her bedroom; how is she supposed to get to school on time now? Danielle likes to keep her life like she keeps her books, alphabetized, sorted and compartmentalized. And she is very good at keeping it neat. But things will get messy for Danielle, whether she’s prepared for it or not. As she starts her senior year at her alternative high school she carefully catalogues her descent into madness in a series of essays, “me-moirs”, and letters – all kept in a locked binder, wrapped in a pillowcase, under bed. Over the course of the year the reader will follow Danielle as she navigates everyday life in high school, comes to terms with tragic events of her past, and re-learns what it means to have a friend.
Brutally honest, raunchy and unapologetic, Lauren Roedy Vaughn’s debut novel will have you laughing hysterically one moment and sobbing the next. She writes with the honesty and unique voice of someone who knows what it means to abide. I would HIGHLY recommend this book, to readers of all ages, though it would be most appropriate for high schoolers. While there is a brief discussion of violence and drugs, it is done tactfully and I don’t think it should discourage anyone from reading this book.

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