Butterfly Yellow by Thanhha Lai

Butterfly Yellow by Thanhhà Lại is a realistic/historical fiction about Hằng, a refugee from Vietnam, during the time of the Vietnam war. Years ago, Hằng was separated from her younger brother Linh. Linh was brought to America, and Hằng goes to great lengths to find him.

After her traumatizing journey from Vietnam, Hằng arrives in Texas, ready to find Linh, six years later. She can barely speak English, but bumps into LeeRoy, a young adult attempting to become a cowboy. They reluctantly find work near Hằng’s brother, and Hằng struggles to relate to him. Linh remembers nothing of her or their family. Despite this obstacle, Hằng will try as hard as she can to bring back the brother she once knew.

This story was very engaging. Thanhhà Lại uses enthralling descriptive phrases and has a prominent writing voice. A few parts of the narrative were slightly confusing, but it did not take away from my general experience.

I would most certainly recommend this book to lovers of historical fiction and realistic fiction.

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