Better Than the Movies by Lynn Painter

The novel Better Than the Movies by Lynn Painter details the unrealistic romantic expectations of high school senior Liz Buxbaum. From the very beginning the reader learns of the character’s emotional attachment to romantic comedy movies and how they shape her view of relationships. When she thinks she’s been reunited with her perfect match, she recruits her neighbor to help her win him over. Once things get out of hand, Liz must reevaluate what each relationship in her life truly means to her, and if she even wants a movie worthy love story. 

This Young Adult book teaches it’s readers to be content with what they have instead of chasing a fantasy. Elements such as foreshadowing and pop culture references make this an enjoyable read. The slang and story outline could, however, be improved. Oftentimes the way characters communicated felt unnatural and the outcome of a situation was easy to predict. Personally, this story was fun to read and lose myself in. 

In conclusion, I would recommend this book to others. Because of the fun nature of the story, someone who is stressed with school or work could read this to take their mind off their responsibilities for a while. – Lynda Otero

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