Maybe We’re Electric by Val Emmich

Maybe We’re Electric by Val Emmich is an emotional ride exploring the journey from self-consciousness to self-acceptance in two teenagers lives. Expectations, fears, and secrets all come unraveled in one night of extreme vulnerability. This is a book filled with hope, grief, and raw emotion.

Tegan Everly is the quiet girl with the messed up hand. Misunderstood, lonely, and hiding a guilty secret. Mac Durant is perfect, adored by all and surrounded by friends. It seems at odds that they’d both end up hiding from reality in a Thomas Edison museum, in the midst of a snowstorm. As the storm rages on and the hours go by, they might have more in common than they previously thought. For the first time they are seen, heard, understood. But all dreams must come to an end, and Tegan’s darkest secret might just send them spiraling out of control.

Within these two characters is the turmoil and strife adolescents go through in finding and accepting themselves. I give props to Val Emmich for capturing this teenage experience so well within his characters. Told within only a span of 24 hours, Emmich has managed to make these characters come alive and evoke strong feeling and attachment. This book is more about the characters and feelings rather than a strong plot arc, and Emmich has certainly brought that forth with his unique writing style.

This book is for anyone seeking a little reflection of the “teenage” experience confined within pages. I recommend for anyone feeling misunderstood, lost, or open to being a little vulnerable. – Kira K

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