I Like Me Better by Robby Webber 

I Like Me Better by Robby Webber is a sweet, summertime romance between soccer all-star Zack Martin and Chip, an extremely smart intern. Unfortunately, the two boys are barred from each other due to a certain cocky friend, who happens to be a cousin to Chip. In an attempt to help said friend and impress Chip, Zack ends up volunteering at the local aquarium. The results prove both disastrous and charming. The story felt like chatting with a teen friend- and I do mean that very literally. There are portions of the book written in text. The writing style was breezy and light, which made it a quick paced read. However, there is quite a bit of slang used all throughout the novel. While I appreciated the pop culture references, it was a little unnerving to read the acronym “AF” in a dialogue. Aside from some iffy slang usage, I did enjoy the casual style of the writing. I was whirled into the plot and it did keep me anticipating, putting off sleep for just one more chapter. To those looking for a beach read for when summer rolls around, this is for you. I would recommend this book as it was charmingly cute, with loveable characters and relevant themes. A quick and easy read, I enjoyed the sunny feeling of the summertime love. 

Reviewed by Sylvi Kayser

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